Welcome and thanks for your interest in my work! This site offers some information on the subjects I’m working on, both professionally and otherwise.
My main focus is early Christianity, specifically its literature and its history in the context of theĀ ancient world.

As an university professor I have been doing research and teaching in this field for quite some time now. I authored several books and articles, for specialist as well as non-specialist audiences. In addition, I did (and continue to do) presentations, lectures and workshops on the subject, in Germany, the Netherlands and elsewhere.

I travel a lot, both literally and figuratively. Throughout the Middle-East I study the remains of the ancient world in situ wherever possible. I visit museums, libraries and universities all over the world where the most precious treasures of mankind are kept.

However, my most fascinating journeys I make sitting at my desk, when I read ancient texts and try to understand the realities, mentalities, cultures and religions of the past, in order to show their relevance to the present day.